Alternative Health

Reiki Ryoho Wellness
1391 E 9th St, Unit 150, Chico, CA 95928

Reiki is a gentle ancient healing art. Particularly useful for chronic illness or pain, Reiki will promote natural healing and leave you with an enhanced sense of peace and contentment. It is an effective tool during and after pregnancy, pre- and post-surgery, and during life transitions.

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Ener-Chi Wellness Quantum Healing
Nevada City, CA 95959

Our unique TRUE Quantum Healing modality, Krystaline energy tools, dowsing, intuition, muscle testing, vibrational energy pattern transmitters and subtle energy instrumented distance healing gets to the EXACT root of imbalances. Once identified we cleanse and re-balance the affected energy bodies.

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Touch of Intention Bodywork/Reiki Nomad
1810 Esplanade, Suite B, Chico, CA 95928

Touch of Intention Bodywork provides pain relief, increased recovery, and returns you to better balance–body, mind, heart and spirit. Amy is a highly trained Sports Massage specialist, who uses advanced techniques for tissue release, exercise and injury recovery.

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Ohana Health Logo
‘Ohana Health
757 Fir St, Paradise, CA 95969

Welcome to ‘Ohana Health, a place for well-being and conviviality. We are home to one of the Rarest Healing Energy Tools in the World, a special healing pad called the ‘Bio-Chromatic Integrator Pad’. We offer many forms of therapeutic work including Pre-Natal, Oncology, Thai Mat Massage, and more!

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Scott Young Naturopathic Care and Counseling
435 Race Street, Sunbury, PA 17801

My practice is based on identifying the issues quickly helping the client to quickly resolve them. While each person and situation are different, my clients routinely see improvement within a considerably short amount of time and often can move through long carried issues in a few sessions.

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Dr. A J Ayers DDS, MSD, CMP
Redding, CA

Dr. A. J. Ayers is backed with over 25 years in dental practice, treating patients with special need and in need of special care. We provide TMJ/TMD, Snoring, Head and Neck Pain, and Sleep Apnea treatment along with great patient support - a combination that can't be beat!

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Apple Valley Hypnosis
201 West Travelers Trail, Suite 207, Burnsville, MN 55337

Apple Valley Hypnosis is one of the best hypnotherapy healing center in Apple Valley, which treats chronic pain and psychosomatic problems and counter unhealthy habits like Quit smoking, hypnotism for weight loss, reduce stress or improve skills with hypnosis.

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Bamboo Qleen
1127 S. Mannheim Road, Suite 313, Westchester, IL 60154

Qleen is a 100% Bamboo wood, hygiene system which includes a 15-month supply of toothbrushes. Qleen toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo and nylon bristles. Qleen comes encased in a luxurious box set, each containing a year’s supply of brushes designed with exceptional attention to detail.

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Aayu Clinics: Lakeview Immediate Care
1645 A West School St, Chicago, IL 60657

Aayu Clinics: Lakeview Immediate Care offers nutritional education and weight-loss counseling and management to help patients on their way to a healthier life. Counseling and patient education are used to improve all aspects of a patient’s health, in addition to medical treatment when needed.

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Redding, CA

Your Greatest Wealth is your Health – It is my mission is to empower you to take control of your own health and achieve your goals. The QLaser uses light wavelengths to put the electrons and photons back into your body so that the individual cells can heal. 100% Safe ~ Effective ~ Easy to Use

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Studio City Dental Center
12435 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

Are you having dental problems? Don’t worry; contact the well-versed cosmetic dentist at Studio City Dental Center in Studio City, CA today!

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Health & Fertility Centre for Women
290 Orchard Road, #18-06 Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore 238859

Health and Fertility Center for Women is solely dedicated to offer world class quality treatments on gynecology, obstetrics, and infertility ailments. Located in Singapore, this medical center is well known for its state-of-the-art facilities and faster clinical results.

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Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc
147 Locust St, Redding, CA 96001

I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist and Energy Medicine Healing specialist. I see patients for most conditions, and address your health concerns holistically, addressing body, mind, spirit and environmental issues. Please call to discuss the details of your particular case.

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Therapeutic Center for Hope
Wellington, FL 33414

Counselling is a good option when anyone wants to resolve their relationship problems. Therapeutic Center for Hope can help people going through the painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their life.

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Dr. Sachin P. Desai
210 South Grand Ave, Unit#308, Glendora, CA 91741

At Dr. Desai’s Glendora Family Dentistry, we are committed to provide excellent and affordable dental services in a friendly, comfortable environment. To check out the special offers or discounts for our new and existing patients, please visit our website.

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Natural Horizons Wellness Centers
11230 Waples Mill Rd, Suite 125, Fairfax, VA 22030

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers uses an integrative approach to holistic medicine and wellness. We offer each client a treatment plan designed specifically for their needs. Call or go online today to learn about how Natural Horizons Wellness Centers can help you get to another level of wellness.

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Adrian Baume, L.Ac; Hair Mineral Analysis
3006 Esplanade, Suite E, Chico, CA 95973

Adrian is trained in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Conditions treated include all manner of physical and psychological problems from adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, migraines, and infertility to chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, and much more.

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Free Your Health with Essential Oils
Butte County, CA

Essential oils are a powerfully effective and safe option for all health. Essential oils have many properties that support your body in many ways such as supporting the respiratory system, nervous system, occasional digestive discomforts, occasional joint and muscle pain, and so much more.

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Lotus Healing Sanctuary of Yoga, Massage, Ayurveda

Yoga, Massage, and Ayurveda since 1982. Lotus Healing Sanctuary is a small healing arts day spa dedicated to wellness. You will be pampered and your time with us is valued.

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Grove Dental Associates
2 E 22nd St, Suite 201, Lombard, IL 60148

Grove Dental Associates specializes in a wide range of dental services including pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and general dentistry. No matter your age or dental problem, we can help. Schedule an appointment and see how one of our dentists can help you get the smile you have been looking for.

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Chico Upper Cervical Health Center
852 Manzanita Ct, Suite150, Chico, CA 95928

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality chiropractic care available. It is one of our top priorities to protect the well-being of our valued patients. We are confident that you will feel at home in our office as we welcome all patients as if they were family.

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Naturopathy Arlington
2444 26th Rd, South Arlington, VA 22206

Naturopathy Arlington medicine philosophies of overall health go beyond most of today’s contemporary allopathic or “conventional medicine” which is focused on symptom management in lieu of the addressing the cause.

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Chico Homeopathy – Marci Mearns RSHom(NA) CCH
1312 Bruce St, Chico, CA 95928

Homeopathy is the all-natural health care alternative, using micro-doses of natural substances to gently restore health and a sense of well-being. Effective for symptoms on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Homeopathy stimulates your capacity to find balance, truly healing from within.

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BALANCE by Lindi
13 Arroyo Way, San Francisco, CA 94127

By combining Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition we can work together to help you develop habits that you can use for the rest of your life to manage stress. Contact me today and we can start the journey together to bring balance and peace into your life! * mention the Lotus Guide and get a 20% discount

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Chico Integrative Medicine
1279 East 1st Ave, Chico, CA 95926

Mark Light practices N.A.E.T., functional blood chemistry, EAV, and prescribes natural medicine getting to the cause of the symptoms and helping to eliminate them. Dr. Light has an alcohol program combining medicines with eliminating the cause of addictions for a very high (up to 75%) success rate.

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Madison Mansy, D.M.Q.
6763 Camino Del Prado, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Get rid of your pain. From physical pain associated with chronic illness such as cancer or back problems to emotional pain as a result of a loss or break up, the Mansy Method is designed specifically to help you heal and transform your life with Medical Qi Gong.

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Healing Oasis
351 Wailuku Dr, Hilo, HI 96720

We provide ongoing remote testing and guidance for our Accelerated Self Healing programs with clients all around the world. Our clients have overcome a wide range of ‘irreversible’ and ‘incurable’ conditions though our unique system, developed over the past 30 years.

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California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute
450 Sutter St, Suite 2433, San Francisco, CA 94108

Anti Aging California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute® in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Bartnof practices full time Age Management Medicine specializing in Anti Aging, Age Management, BioIdentical Hormones, Menopause, Andropause, and Somatopause.

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Remove Skin Tags
80 Continental Dr, Unit 101, Reno, NV 89509

Determent is a cost effective treatment to remove skin tags and moles naturally at home. It is made of herbs which makes it safe for application. If not satisfied, we do provide a money back guarantee. You will surely see your tags getting disappeared.

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Aromaaz International
914 6th Ave, Se Rochester, Minnesota, 55904

Welcome to Aromaaz International, a wholesale pure essential oil manufacturer and supplier where you can shop a variety of essential oils and herbal products. Our products feature 100% natural ingredients and don’t have adverse effects. Experience the magical wonders of our essential oil products.

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Gentle Colon Hydrotherapy
2251 Saint George Ln, Chico, CA 95926

Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most efficient methods to get rid of the accumulation of toxins. Colon hydrotherapy may alleviate digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, constipation, and bloating. It can provide preventative care to anyone who is interested in a healthy colon.

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Discovery Dental
959 NE Discovery Dr, Issaquah, WA 98029

Welcome to Discovery Dental where we are dedicated to provide the highest-quality, state-of-the-art dental care to all our patients in and around the Issaquah WA area. Visit us at Discovery Dental today to experience dental excellence and achieve a beautiful confident smile.

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Innovative Detox
1691 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 140, Henderson, NV 89012

Innovative Detox offers an alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For people who want to break the hold of addiction, quickly and without feeling withdrawal – and block the risk of re-addiction – we offer a FDA-cleared medically-based solution that seems like a miracle.

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Krauss Center for Joint Replacements
64 Commerce Drive, Riverhead, NY 11901

We provide an honest, thorough assessment of your condition and can follow through on a surgery that can save you years of pain and suffering from hip ailments. If you need a hip or multiple hip replacement, see Krauss Center for Joint Replacement and our team of dedicated, experienced doctors.

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Heart Paths
8093 Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969

WELCOME! I’m so grateful for your interest, and would love to share my experiences with the gifts listed below, that I am so blessed to offer you at this time. I offer the following Heart Path Sessions: QLaser Therapy, A Low Level Light System, Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki, and Geometries of Love.

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Sunset Center for Dental Excellence
9201 Sunset Blvd, Suite 609, West Hollywood, CA 90069

West Hollywood’s #1 Dentist providing cosmetic dentistry, family dental treatments, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and smile makeovers for over 20 years.

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Soul Healing for Life Transitions
1535 Farmers Ln, Unit 263, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Soul healing sessions help you fulfill your soul’s path in all areas of your life – relationships, career, finances, health, personal healing and spiritual growth. Modalities include past-life/between-lives regression, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing/journey work, and life coaching.

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Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop
9660 Iron Leaf Trail, Laurel, MD 20723

Dr. Stephanie’s offers professional advice to couples and businesses on how to effectively communicate, solve conflicts, and work through relationship problems. Dr. Stephanie’s advice has helped hundreds of couples and business owners repair and reconstruct relationships using better communication.

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